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                                             Everyone has a story to tell.

                                                          Every story deserves to be shared.

                                              Let us help you share yours!




It takes courage to stand up and pivot your life in a new direction;

to share new ideas that challenge the status quo;

to create and share a piece of your heart with others.


March Forth Media Company offers marketing and PR support for

 independent creatives, helping you clarify and create your message, and

share it authentically with the world. 


Image by Dragos Gontariu

Find your voice!  Share your work!   Grow your community!

Meet some of the amazing creative minds who are sharing their work and their message with the world. 

Customized solutions to help you launch, scale, and grow as a creative entrepreneur. Tools, resources, and support to guide you in understanding your audience and how to connect with them. 

One-on-one support to help you get crystal clear on your message, finish the writing or creative process, and gain confidence to promote and share your work with the world. 

Editing, formatting, and distribution services to polish and package your work to perfection. We help you craft a distribution plan that aligns with your goals as a creative. 

 March Forth Media Company is helping creative entrepreneurs create, share, and grow their ideas, while sharing stories that build community and create positive progress in the world. Together, this is where we pivot!  Each week, host Elizabeth Miles chats with others who have pivoted in their lives, and are sharing their creative work with the world.  Listen on iTunes, and Spotify.


Copy of Copy of KDP Cover Kindle.jpg

You are never stuck! You are never lost! You are never, ever alone! At any given moment, you can use your power to pivot and find yourself on an entirely new path.  If you  find yourself struggling or settling out of fear of the unknown, know that you have the power to choose again.

In This Is Where You Pivot: The Shift from Fear to Freedom, you will read Elizabeth's journey of uncovering and discovering her own personal power that led her out of an abusive, toxic relationship and put her on the path to finding her voice!

This Is Where You Pivot: The Shift from Fear to Freedom explores: 

  • Overcoming cycles of shame, guilt, anxiety, and fear

  • How to take action so you can gain momentum in your life.

  • Finding inner strength and confidence

  • Your life matters! Your dreams matter! Your goals matter!

  • No matter what, you are not alone!


Order your copy of This Is Where You Pivot: The Shift from Fear to Freedom now, and learn the tools and strategies to overcome fear in your life! This is where you pivot!


Have questions about our company, or our services? Interested in being a guest on our podcast? Want to share your favorite book with us? Reach out. We can't wait to hear from you.

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